So we’re making a game…

So we’re making a game…

Oh sweet, what kinda game?

Well it’s this awesome, spacey, super-cool, pvp, fly around and shoot, thingy.

That all you got?

We’re working on it.

Conversations like that have lead us to decide not to release more info on, or screenshots of Archetype: Orbiters until we’ve finished with Pre-Alpha development. (Though if you’re smart, you’ll be able to pull some valuable details from our blog posts *hint*wink*cough*subtle implication*).

Plus, we’re still making design decisions for the game and don’t want to get you hyped about stuff that we later take out.

What we can tell you are the aspects of the game that we know will not change:

  • A:O is a competitive online multiplayer game for the computer.
  • A:O is a Sci-Fi themed, ship-based, top-down shooter.
  • Most things in A:O, like the levels and the music, are procedurally generated (created differently each game using spiffy algorithms).
  • There will be a large amount of player customization available (but not forced on you) in A:O, meaning almost everyone you play against will have their own custom build.
  • A:O is pretty easy to play, but maximizing your damage and survivability takes teamwork and a ridiculous amount of skill.

We realize that it’s sooooo much easier to show you rather than try and explain everything, and we’ll actually have something to show once we’re done with Pre-Alpha and move on to Alpha phase.

So what are Pre-Alpha, Alpha, and Beta Phases?

Development phases can cover different stuff for each studio and for each game. For Archetype: Orbiters,  we have a pretty straightforward outline for each phase:

PRE-ALPHA – Includes the bare skeleton and core mechanics in the game.

Things like:

  • Controls
  • Game Rules (one game type)
  • Physics
  • Basic Combat
  • Bare Levels
  • Weapon Template
  • And all things UI (HUD, menus, crosshairs)

ALPHA – Includes everything required for a basic but still “complete” game.

Stuff like:

  • Starting weapons for different ranges
  • Ship builder Interface (We get to build ships? It’s not fun if we do everything for you.)
  • Time and Stock game modes
  • Tech Abilities (Ooh, what’re those? Secret-y things.)
  • Team games
  • Weapon tuning and balancing
  • Bug free gameplay (Can you really fix all the bugs? If you believe hard enough)

BETA – This is where we start rolling out all of the cool stuff that really makes the game fun to play.

Things like:

  • Player Accounts
  • Skill Rankings
  • Controller Support
  • Experimental Weapons
  • Experimental Abilities
  • New game types
  • Oculus Rift support

And so much more.

Do we get to play it?

What kind of horrible human beings would we be, if we kept this much awesome from the world? Yes. The answer is yes.

Sweet, when?

As soon as we finish Alpha Phase and move on to Beta testing.

When is that going to be?

1 June 2015.

Hold on. You’re a game design studio and you actually gave out a solid date right up front? You didn’t even dance around the subject or fire up the bullshit machine to spew vague answers at us?



I know right? Welcome to AllTradesGames. We hope you enjoy your time here.

– Zach of AllTrades

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